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Game is defined as adopting goals, rules, challenges and interactions but as the philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein claims, games can be a misconstrued meaning of language and the mind.

Because we misunderstand language we use indirect communication, thought experiments and mind games to get a sense of one-upmanship to empower or demoralize. What extremes can we go to for feeling recognition, wanting, acceptance and achievement?

Featured artists explore the work ethic of game playing considering tactics, strategy and philosophical investigations as well as aesthetic work which deals with layout, intrigue and an appeal to take part. The exhibition includes, video, film, photography, installation, interventions, painting and drawing.

Jonathan J. Kelham.

'Tree & Dressing.'

35 mm Slides & Slide Projector.

Bristol & London, UK
Tree & Dressing focuses upon the ambiguous borderlines found within children’s illustration, between the traditional associations of such images [quaint/innocence/purity] and the point in which the image begins to insinuate an ‘adult’ atmosphere [violence/sexual perversion/exploitation]. Characters appear and disappear reframing the unfolding narrative in various suggestive directions, producing an ambiguous atmosphere.